Illness policies

The return to dance and school often brings a wave of illnesses including colds, flus, COVID-19, and stomach bugs. We wanted to let you know what policies and procedures we have enacted to help protect you and your family.


Mobile Preschool Classes

For classes held at our partner preschools, we observe your school’s illness protocols. That may mean our instructors will need to find a substitute instructor or schedule a makeup class if they have symptoms.



In all classes, dancers will be asked to sanitize their hands before and after class. We will maintain a regular cleaning schedule for props.


Makeup Classes

In the event your child’s instructor is ill, we will strive to find a substitute instructor for your class that week. If that is not possible, ABC Dance will offer your class a makeup class on a different day. If a makeup class is not possible, ABC Dance will offer a live virtual class to your dancer’s class.


If your dancer needs to miss class due to illness or another reason, you can schedule a makeup class at the studio in the Parent Portal here:


Studio Classes

For classes held at our studio, if you or a member of your household has symptoms of any illness, we ask that you please get yourselves tested for COVID-19 before attending class. Masks will be optional in the building; however, if you or your dancer have a negative COVID test but have any illness symptoms we ask that you and your dancer wear a mask in the building. Our instructors will be adhering to this policy as well.


For classes held at our studio, please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to your class time. Dancers may have an adult accompany them inside the building. Dancers may bring their own water bottle as long as it is marked with their name. Please do not bring toys, extra gear, or non-water beverages to class. Your dancer will only need their water, dance shoes, and possibly a sweater.