Our Values

Developmentally-Appropriate Activities - We Must walk Before We Run.

We emphasize developmentally-appropriate activities for dancers of all ages. We require our older dancers to have a solid technical foundation before they can learn more advanced steps. Our youngest dancers explore a variety of dance and movement styles to help them progress with physical skills suited to their developmental ability before they specialize in a style of dance. 

Positive Attitudes - We can do hard things!

We believe positive experiences in the classroom and studio give dancers confidence and they build trust between students and instructors. We offer feedback and positive reinforcement in every class. We celebrate our classmates’ good efforts with applause and praise. 

Equality – dance is for everyone. 

We strongly believe in providing access to classes for all ages, genders, races, colors and creeds. From our dress codes, to our lesson plans, to our music choices, we aim to create classes that speak to each person’s interests, experiences, and needs. We strive to treat all students fairly and to create an inclusive atmosphere for all. 

Progress – slow and steady wins the race. 

We may not perfect a new skill every day, but we make progress on our skills every time we practice. Correct technique lays the foundation for safety and artistry in performance for dancers of all ages. 

Fitness – dance is great exercise! 

We believe exercise should be a fun part of each and every day, and dance is our favorite way to achieve this. 

Personal Space – a dancer’s body is their own. 

We respect a dancer’s body autonomy and their right to refuse physical corrections from instructors. We ask permission before trying to help a dancer physically. 

Arts Education 

The arts offer meaningful insight into the world around us. We believe in the power of exploring ideas and the world using our bodies as our tools. 

Fun – learning a new skill can be enjoyable! 

We value having fun while we learn about dance. We believe we can make friends, laugh, and enjoy ourselves while maintaining a respectful atmosphere in the classroom.